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Having to pronounce the words correctly is so important but this is much less awkward than trying to speak to someone at the shops, and doesn't take up their time. The AI feedback is very helpful too.

Sarah Scott

This program is amazing - the feedback is excellent, the quality of the conversation is great and it’s helpful to be able to implement the feedback straight away. So much better than trying to find a speaking buddy!

Kate A.

It is very interesting to discuss with an artificial intelligence. The software is perfect for anyone, because you can use it whenever you want, for whatever period you want. I especially like that it corrects my words from a grammatical point of view. I like it because it suggests topics when I'm out of ideas

Doru Diculescu

Getting familiar with listening is a problem for me but my little AI, Elli, is great for practicing with and it helps not feeling bad about how many times I need to ask her to repeat herself

Janice Cook

It's awesome to use the application. I feel I have a partner to learn English privately and anytime.

Alfi Salatiga

I am enjoying the program very much. It is assisting with my conversational Spanish. Overall I feel better and more comfortable about pronouncing Spanish words correctly.

Temika Killingsworth

Instagram users have also shared their great experiences with MakesYouFluent:

Isabella W.

If you’re not a native speaker but have to speak as one because you’re living in another country, this AI personal tutor is for you. Learning through voice conversation feels very natural and all new words are presented in context so you can communicate more effectively.

Dan C.

Used to struggle with expensive and time-consuming language tutors who imposed rigid schedules and created anxiety through judgment. But now, thanks to this AI-tutor, I can practice anytime, anywhere, and confidently speak without fear of judgment – all at a fraction of the cost.

Ava C.  

This AI tutor is very helpful in improving my vocabulary. It’s fun and is one of the few guides that can actually help you feel and sound much more confident!

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What is MakesYouFluent?

Makes You Fluent app

MakesYouFluent (also called YouFluent) is a comprehensive learning tool that provides education and garners rave reviews for helping you learn the most popular languages quickly and effectively. With AI-based tools and resources, it adapts to your chosen topic for a unique experience. The AI-based tutor works efficiently to help you improve your skills and get to grips with the basics of the new language, as attested by our satisfied users.

MakesYouFluent transforms how individuals learn languages and helps them develop their skills and knowledge based on their needs and requirements. MakesYouFluent is an interactive online platform that uses gamification to improve your skills. The real life conversations and role plays help users understand how to use a different language in different scenarios

Is MakesYouFluent worth the money? Does it work? Before you embark on a learning journey, look at how it works, the benefits, and the pricing, and answer any queries you might have. 

Let’s get into it:

How does the MakesYouFluent program work?

MakesYouFluent is an interactive and dynamic online platform that’s designed to improve your grammar, reading, speaking, and listening in a new language. MakesYouFluent offers you the chance to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. The program uses an initial quiz to understand your current language level and adapts the conversation accordingly.

The quiz asks you about your background, age, and native language. It finds out about your current abilities and the specific skills you want to improve based on the fundamental knowledge you already have. You’re also asked to do a grammar test to check your level of baseline understanding, your pre-existing abilities and starting level. 

Once your goals and existing skills have been assessed, we provide you with the tools to help you achieve optimum success. 

How does the MakesYouFluent program work?

Daily lessons

Your speaking plan based on your current language level

An AI tutor for unlimited learning

Instant feedback to track your progress and success

The customized plan will guide you through your learning journey and keep you engaged as you work your way through it.

How can individuals at different language proficiency levels benefit from the program? 

Makes You Fluent app reviews

MakesYouFluent recognizes learners at different levels of their journeys. Our favorably reviewed platform understands the different backgrounds people come from, their existing abilities and the unique needs of the various people using it. Whether you’re a beginner, at the intermediate stage or have advanced skills, you’ll benefit from MakesYouFluent. 

Here are some of the benefits that individuals will experience: 


Back to basics. The platform has foundational lessons for a useful starting point so beginners can learn basic vocabulary, grammar and phrases.  

Interactive exercises. A beginner with little or no experience speaking a new language in real-life situations can learn the basics through interactive experiences.

Confidence-building. Different topics, AI tutor and instant feedback will help beginners gain the confidence they need to progress and excel. 


Gamified approach. The gamified system makes learning fun, and people at an intermediate level will develop their skills in a fun way.

Skills are refined. The platform helps refine grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills to boost intermediate learner’s confidence and ability. 

Progress-tracking. Instant feedback works as valuable motivation and tracks the learner’s progress. 

Real-life situations. To develop the wide range of skills needed to become fluent in a new language, examples of real-life cases of speaking and using grammar are helpful. 


Details are refined. The fine details of grammar and vocabulary are refined to further someone’s confidence.

24/7 availability. The AI tutor is always available, so learners can practice as much or as often as needed. 

Native speaking ability. The program is designed to advance a person’s learning to reach the native speaking level so an advanced learner will benefit from the effectiveness of the tools and resources. 

The tailored content and personalized experience will benefit learners of all levels as they enhance their skills and abilities. MakesYouFluent is for people of all abilities as it understands that we all have to start somewhere. 

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn the basics, an intermediate learner looking to boost your confidence or at an advanced level eager to expand your skills, this program will benefit you.

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Is MakesYouFluent worth getting?

MakesYouFluent is worth getting because of the tailored learning experience, the advanced features of an AI tutor and the positive experience and results it offers. For all ability levels, the learner’s confidence will increase, and skills will be polished in grammar, speaking, writing and reading. 

The plans are designed to provide each user with tools, resources, activities and lessons to give them with everything they need for an optimum experience of progression and success. With reasonable pricing and different subscription options, users are free to decide on the plan best suited to them. 

MakesYouFluent caters to a range of people and their specific experiences and pre-existing knowledge. The useful initial quiz is used as a solid base for the program to bring an effective plan to life suited to the person’s needs and desires. People learn new languages for various reasons, and MakesYouFluent is there to support every learner to reach their goals, boost their confidence and help them succeed in reading, talking, speaking and writing in a new language.

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MakesYouFluent vs Human Tutor

MakesYouFluent reviewed and compared to other programs


Yes, MakesYouFluent is a legitimate, legal program designed to help people of all abilities learn a new language. The online platform complies with laws and regulations, providing learning resources, tools, an AI tutor and a plan to anyone who wants to speak, read, write and understand a new language. 

Depending on your starting level and the time you dedicate to MakesYouFluent’s daily lessons, tools and activities, you will see improvements after 2-3 weeks. Generally, you can expect to speak confidently and better after 28 days of using the online platform. If you spend time practicing and improving your skills, you’ll learn a new language within six months. 

MakesYouFluent puts you on a path towards becoming fluent as it’s designed to provide you with all the tools and skills you need to learn a new language to a high but achievable standard. The plan, alongside an AI tutor, daily lessons and a gamified approach, will provide you with a wide range of knowledge and skills to improve your ability to help you work towards becoming fluent in a new language.

While there are no specific reviews on Reddit about MakesYouFluent, people have taken to the online platform to share their positive experiences with similar AI-focussed learning plans. Users have explained how the apps and programs have explained new languages clearly and usefully to boost their confidence, improve their pronunciation and increase their vocabulary.

Like any online language learning platform, there are some considerations worth acknowledging. Being an online platform, social interaction is limited, which some people may struggle with, and the gamification style may not work for everyone. However, the AI tutor plays a significant role and is always available, and there’s no need to schedule in advance, creating more opportunities to practice in your own time.